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Libvirt 0.9.0 Released

Today the opensource api for managing platform virtualization , libvirt, announced release 0.9.0. This release lists a very long list of bug fixes, improvements and cleanups.

Virt-Manager 0.8.7 Released: New UI Features

Last week the latest version of virt-manager was released featuring some new UI features.

Proxmox VE 1.8 Released: Supports qemu-kvm 0.14

Yesterday proxmox ve 1.8 was released featuring support for the new version of qemu-kvm , 0.14.

SPICE stable branch 0.8.0 Released

Today the first stable release in the 0.8.x branch was released by Red Hat. The changelog for this release contains mostly bugfixes but also lists two new features.

kvm-kmod and 2.6.37 Released

The latest release of the linux kernel kvm module for virtualization were released on Jan 5, kvm-kmod 2.6.37. One of the interesting features added to kvm-kmod-2.6.37 is nested NPT support.

Spice-gtk 0.3 Released: rpms included

Yesterday Red Hat released version 0.3 of the spice gtk client. This release fixes some bugs causing windows xp to crash when using qxl drivers.

Spice 0.7.1 Released

Yesterday Red Hat released the latest version of spice, version 0.7.1. The changelog for this release is small and low on new features.

Red Hat releases a SPICE GTK client

On thanksgiving two weeks ago Red Hat release an early version (0.1) of a GTK client for use with the spice protocol. The current version is only at 0.2 so its still considered unstable.

SPICE 0.6.3 RPMs for Fedora 13

Recently SPICE 0.6.3 was released supporting cut and paste between client and guest.

kvm-kmod-2.6.36 comes with release of kernel 2.6.36

kvm-kmod-2.6.36 comes soon after the release of the latest linux kernel version 2.6.36 yesterday. This release comes with a few bug fixes and marks the end of life of the kvm-kmod 2.6.35 series.