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Latest open source windows virtio drivers adds support for Windows 8 guests

The most recent release of the open source virtio drivers released now adds support for windows 8 guests.  These drivers are available in iso format that you mount in your KVM guest operating system. Windows 8 is not officially supported in upstream qemu yet but you can run it as of qemu 1.3 using an experimental new machine type called q35. You can download these latest drivers at the following link.  The link has also been updated on the front page here at www.linux-kvm.com.

Download Windows Virtio drivers here

I have not tested these drivers yet.  Please post any comments or questions if you get around to testing them. 

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Virtio 0.1-52 is a Windows 7 killer !!!

This virtio SCSI driver will kill the system (Windows 7 32 or 62-bit) - BSOD straight after installation, or sometimes at the next reboot. The virtio disk can be the system disk, or another, no difference. When trying to repair, the loaded driver don't let Windows see the disks.

Some suggestion:
- Always make a backup before upgrading the drivers
- Packagers: could you please validate the drivers before publishing them, and removing older ones !?
- I've put a copy of virtio 0.1-49 drivers on Dropbox, the last good one for Win7: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mho49spwe0q843a/virtio-win-0.1-49.iso.7z

There's also a virtio-net bug

There's also a virtio-net bug introduced with multiqueue patches. See following link for details. I would suggest also sending an email to the qemu-devel mailing list.


also on win2003 SBS

OMG! I am so glad seeing someone having the same Problem!!!
Can confirm this on a windows2003 SBS guest 32 bit also.
The real problem is, that once you let the guest know this driver, the thing is already gone...even if you use IDE again afterwards, the system is unstable and after a while will only boot into BSOD with 0x07f anymore. Recovery seems absolutely impossible then.
After a weekend of migrating a physical system to VM and a day of work on the migrated system, we could only fall back to an older backup to make it work again.
So lots of work had to be redone...this is very very odd!

Thanks for the virtio 0.1-49, i will try them asap


virtio-win-0.1.52 kills USB2 devices support in virtualbox

I'm using the virtio drivers (0.1.52) with virtualbox (4.2.10) for a Windows 8 guest.

Virtio drivers works well for its purpose (network driver), but it breaks support for all USB2 devices: ALL of them appears as "Invalid device descriptor".

Removing the virtio drivers, USB2 devices start to work as expected (but of course then you cannot use the network). I've had to switch the network adapter type to Intel PRO/1000 in virtualbox for having both (network drivers + recognized USB2 devices).

only virtio dirver for

only virtio dirver for windows 8 release it not a great featrue,

does qxl driver for windows 8 valide now?

only virtio dirver for

only virtio dirver for windows 8 release it not a great featrue,

does qxl driver for windows 8 valide now?


Retreival of real hostname of vm under kvm

when virsh list --all command is executed in kvm machine. it lists all the display name of the vms under kvm.

But how to retrieve the real host name of the vm using virsh command. is it possible to do so or not.if not why?

As the realhostname of the vm under kvm can be changed, when retrieved the names of vms using virsh cmd, it will display the display name and not the real hostname..

so please let me know the solution for same

thank u well in advance

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