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QEMU 1.2.0 Released

Qemu 1.2.0 has just been released bringing many improvements to current features and many bugfixes.  According to the announcement this was the shortest release cycle in qemu's history but it still contains 1400 changesets from 180 unique authors.  QEMU is definitely growing in popularity in large part due to hypervisors such as KVM. You can download this latest version from the following link.

download qemu 1.2 from qemu.org

Below is a copy ( literally copy and paste ) of the main features published on the mailing list.  The full changelog for this release can be found at the qemu 1.2 changelog page here.

  • The ability to pass fds for block devices enabling sVirt on NFS
  • arm: LPAE support for the Cortex-A15 CPU
  • arm: a new machine type: i.MX32
  • A new dump-guest-memory command to produce ELF dumps of guests
  • pseries: support for PCI and IOMMU emulation
  • ppc: better support for device trees including a dumpdtb option
  • ppc: emulation of e5500 cores
  • prep: parallel port emulation
  • xen: support for PCI passthrough
  • kvm: MSI support for in-kernel APIC
  • vga: std-vga and QXL now support 16MB of VRAM
  • scsi: emulation of am53c974, dc390, and megasas controllers
  • usb: emulation of scsi controller
  • block: guest control of write-cache setting
  • block: default cache mode is now writeback
  • block: improved support for passthrough of SCSI tapes changers
  • achi: emulation of CD-ROM devices
  • block-stream: better support for sparse raw files
  • qcow2: lazy refcount mode for improved writethrough performance
  • qemu-img: check command can now repair qcow2/qed images
  • migration: support for large memory guests
  • migration: support for XBZRLE compression
  • vnc: threaded server enabled by default
  • qemu-ga: support for fstrim
  • openrisc emulation support

You can read the original mailing list announcement here.

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I am using qemu-kvm 1.2.0 I am using ivshmem device with the VMs.
When I run multiple qemu instances(VMs) from command line, and I migrate one of the VM, I want to notify all other collocated VMs, of migration of peer VM.
Is it possible to notify all other co-resident VMs of migration of one of its peer VM in qemu? How can I achieve this? Please help.

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