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qemu-kvm-0.13.0 Released

Today the official announcement went out from upstream qemu mailing list that version 0.13.0 is now available. No announcement was made for downstream qemu-kvm but version 0.13.0 of qemu-kvm has been available from their sourceforge site since yesterday. Version 0.13.0 comes with many changes since 0.12 version and there’s no official changelog published. Upstream qemu lists the following as some of the major features added since 0.12.0 which were inhertied by qemu-kvm.

  • vhost-net: kernel-accelerating network backend for virtio devices (using KVM)
  • qmp: significant improvements covering most monitor commands
  • vnc: introduction of new encodings that dramatically improve bandwidth (part of GSoC project)
  • ivshmem: new shared memory device allowing multiple guests to share a memory region
  • mips: introduction of fulong mini-pc
  • virtio-9p: introduction of a paravirtual file system passthrough mechanism
  • hpet: many enhancements
  • target-s390: support for s390 usermode emulation

As noted in the qemu announcement, qmp is still considered unstable.

You can download this latest version of qemu-kvm at the following link


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Regarding QEMU-KVM compile issues


I have downloaded the qemu-kvm-0.13.0. I am able to compile and build the qemu. But there is a directory by name "kvm", which probably suppose to build the libkvm but i am not able to configure that and build it.
Please let me know if i need to edit the mail Makefile to compile it also along with qemu?

I am using a x86 desktop machine with OpenSuse on it.
When i try to run ./configure it returns an error as "user" directory not found.

122 #configure user dir
123 (cd user; ./configure --prefix="$prefix" --kerneldir="$libkvm_kerneldir" \
124 --arch="$arch" --processor="$processor" \
125 ${cross_prefix:+"--cross-prefix=$cross_prefix"})

in this line. I have created "user" directory, then it cribs for ./configure script as not found in that directory.

Can you please let me know how should i be compiling the stuffs in "kvm" directory?

I need it for debugging purpose, please let me know how do i proceed for debugging the QEMU-KVM, i want to debug I/O path both in QEMU and KVM.

Also please guide me if this repository of qemu-kvm-0.13.0 will it compile a "qemu-kvm" executable? I would need to debug it.


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