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Virt-Manager 0.8.1 Released

Yesterday saw the release of version 0.8.1 of virt-manager, a linux desktop client for managing virtual machines. Virt-manager is becoming one of my favorite GUI tools for managing KVM, at least on the desktop. I use it quite a bit for my desktop work but haven’t used it in a data center environment at all; at least not yet. In this post, I’ll just quickly demonstrate some of the new UI elements that you can expect to see. Below is also the official list of new features that went out with the announcement yesterday.

Changelog for Virt-Manager 0.8.1

  • VM Migration wizard, exposing various migration options
  • Enumerate CDROM and bridge devices on remote connections
  • Can once again list multiple graphs in the manager window (Jon Nordby)
  • Support disabling dhcp (Michal Novotny), and specifying 'routed' type for new virtual networks
  • Support storage pool source enumeration for LVM, NFS, and SCSI
  • Allow changing VM ACPI, APIC, clock offset, individual vcpu pinning, and video model (vga, cirrus, etc.)
  • Many improvements and bugfixes


Screenshots of new UI elements

In this section I’m just going to quickly go through some of the new UI elements that you’ll see with this new version. First thing you’ll notice if you’ve been using the previous version is that the controls for starting, stopping, pausing and console have been moved from the top right side of the main window to the top left side. I think this is more intuitive and a more natural placement for these elements.

Next change from the main window is that you can now view both network and cpu usage graphs at the same time. This was one of the new features listed above thanks to Jon Nordby.

You can set this option from the view menu on the main window.

One bug fix from the previous version that was mentioned in a previous post here is how awkward it was to change your video settings for a virtual machine guest. To change your video settings in the previous version, you’d have to create a second virtual video card then delete the one you didn’t want. This was something that you’d have to discover and not all intuitive for the end user. This has been fixed and you no longer have to delete or add a new video card. Now you simply select it using a drop down menu.

You can now also change your guest machine settings for APIC, ACPI and clock offset setting from one UI element shown below.

You can set and view cpu pinning from the processor tab of your virtual machine console settings.

The last element that is of note is the dialog UI element you get when migrating virtual machines. More options are exposed to you from the qemu monitor interface so that you can specify the machine to migrate to, port number, bandwidth and whether to tunnel migration through libvirt. There’s even an option here for offline migration.

There are some other small changes but the ones mentioned in this post are then ones worth mentioning in my opinion. There are some other more important options worth exploring which I did not cover such as declaring block devices as shareable and readonly that I’ll cover in another post. In the meantime, give it a try and feel free to post any comments you may have.


Fedora 12 Users

One issue I did run into using a fedora 12 system was that starting up this latest version of virt-manager failed due to python-virtinst package being a little bit outdated. This is due to a missing dependency at install time of virt-manager. I had to manually build the latest package for python-virtinst in order for it to start so if you’re running fedora 12 you can use the package I’ve included below. It is architecture independent so you can use it whether you’re running 32-bit or 64 bit fedora 12.

See Also


WOW! That looks awesome!

WOW! That looks awesome!

python-virtinst pkg

Scratch or very new builds of packages not yet available in Fedora updates or updates-testing repos can be found in koji. Start in the package database:

Fedora Virt Preview repo

Would it not be better to get someone to update the Virt Preview repo to include the missing packages?



Re: Fedora Virt Preview repo


I think so too. I did notice that yesterday they released an updated version of the virt-manager with the updated dependency on the correct version python-virtinst so that part is fixed. However it still leaves fedora 12 users unable to install the new virt-manager package until python-virtinst is ready in stable/updates repo. So yeah I think the best solution is to add python-virtinst package to the repo. I'll send out an email to the mailing list to see if they can fix this.

Re: fedora virt preview repo

 Red Hat has fixed this issue so that python-virtinst is now included as part of the Fedora 12 Virtualization Rawhide Repository. 

bridged interfaces (remote)


anyone see the bridges interfaces while connected via ssh to a remote kvm-server?

i only see the virtual-network device...


Re: bridged interfaces

I actually did notice that I don't see my virtual bridges anymore on the local machine so sounds like it might be an issue on libvirt side.  

When I upgraded libvirt from

When I upgraded libvirt from 0.8.1-2+b1 to 0.8.2-1 virt-manager
couldn't connect to my server running lenny anymore. Virt-manager log

[Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:23:31 virt-manager 21449] INFO (virt-manager:161) Application startup
[Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:23:31 virt-manager 21450] DEBUG (engine:338) About to connect to uris ['qemu+ssh://jeroend@jan.chnet/system', 'qemu+ssh://root@reinier.chnet/system', 'qemu+ssh://root@beppe/system', 'qemu+ssh://root@nescio.viaisn.org/system']
[Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:23:31 virt-manager 21450] DEBUG (engine:628) window counter incremented to 1
[Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:23:53 virt-manager 21450] DEBUG (connection:836) Scheduling background open thread for qemu+ssh://root@nescio.viaisn.org/system
[Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:23:53 virt-manager 21450] DEBUG (connection:981) Background thread is running
[Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:23:53 virt-manager 21450] DEBUG (connection:1019) Background open thread complete, scheduling notify
[Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:23:53 virt-manager 21450] DEBUG (connection:1024) Notifying open result
[Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:23:53 virt-manager 21450] DEBUG (connection:1032) qemu+ssh://root@nescio.viaisn.org/system capabilities:

plz solve this problem for me
MB2-632 dumps

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